Miracle Films is currently producing 52 shows a year "Starpower" in addition to major STARS and celebrity charity events including behind the scenes at the Academy Awards....we are focused now on Real Stars...Real Miracles and Signs & Wonders!

Real life documented testamonies include:

  1. Healed from epilepsey
  2. Miraculously healed from 3rd degree burns in a couple of weeks
  3. Healed from blindness in one church service
  4. Baby who was drowned coming back to life and speaking words after being prematurely born and never having spoken in 17 months
  5. Saved by a 10' Angel from drowning in the Ocean
  6. After car accident and Doctors gave no change of recovery from being paralized and not able to speak to becoming Model of the year...
Produced by Leslie Mc Ray Executive Producer Richard Smith filmed by Excellent Journey Pictures team and The Miracle Group, LLC.
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